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Smart Leash

$35.00 AUD
Smart Leash Co. products are designed with a minimalist ethos and are 100% interchangeable with those of other major brands. 

This range of complete surf leashes offers:
  • 5.5mm - 7mm urethane cords
  • double stainless steel swivels
  • premium strength hook and loop fastening (velcro)
  • premium neoprene ankle or calf cuff
  • premium rail saver
  • 3/32" hex grub screws for universal interchangeability
  • key pocket
  • white quick release pull tab
  • rail saver with fixed leash string (no more lost strings)

Available in 3 lengths:
  • Small Wave 6ft x 5.5mm
  • Medium Wave 7ft x 7mm
  • Longboard Calf 9ft x 7mm