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Surf leggings made from 100% regenerated nylon fibres so you can feel good, surf better and be protected from the sun

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Danielle Clayton, Founder

“As a surfing mum who lived for several years in the Maldives and Indonesia, supporting SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Program is what resonates with me most deeply. It was a no-brainer to use our women-centric business as a tool to help raise funds for women and their children in remote regions of surf destinations many of us know, love and have had the privilege to travel to. During my pregnancy I had access to excellent medical care in Australia for myself and my baby, a congenital heart condition that needed monitoring and a labour that went pear-shaped. Other women do not have this access and we can use our resources to help change this.”

SurfAid x Salt Gypsy

$10 from each piece goes towards Mother & Child Health programmes in remote surfing regions

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Who we are

Drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells, Salt Gypsy is a women’s surf lifestyle company celebrating female surf athleticism and style in the lineup. We focus on developing stylish & long-lasting products for discerning women of the sea.

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Surfboards designed for women

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Need wax for your new whip? Check out our eco surf wax

Need wax for your new whip? Check out our eco surf wax

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